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The Way to get a Healthy relationship.

Nowadays healthy relationships are a very trendy topic due to the ongoing debate worldwide over mental health. There are many ways to talk about this topic but here we can pose some of the most interesting and intellectual questions on what exactly is a healthy relationship ?

Well there may be very few definitions of a healthy relationship which are gems that is why we are facing a mental health crisis today , because the majority or the mass which is affected doesn’t understand healthy relationships.

Some of the best ways to keep a relationship healthy is to fix what is broken in the relationship first and with an open mind.

One of the best used philosophies for fixing broken relationships is to just talk and talk about things that are wrong or causing harm directly with an open mind and heart.

So there may be many ways to build a healthy relationship but at the very basic level all you have to understand is that there is a human in front of you who has a heart and also that sometimes humans may make mistakes and it really takes an open mind to realize and acknowledge.

Acknowledge mistakes.

Letting each other know where you both are or may go wrong is the best way to improve upon yourselves and keep moving further and solving problems that harm relationships.

Setting out clear messages and communicating things early on lets one another get close to each other and set a foundation for a good and healthy relationship.’


Listening is an important skill whether it is an office , a family or any other place , it is possible for a normal individual to listen properly in order to avoid obstacles later on. Remember problems in relationships start small and they can be solved by the same principle: solve small problems like listening and acknowledging properly to each other.

Set Aside time for yourselves

Always you can set some time aside to improve your relationship by talking about the improvements that you can make in the relationship. A dedicated time slot means that it becomes a bit easier and then you will face no problems in the relationship because you have already tackled that problem early and that there is no harm to the relationship in the future.

Different perspectives

A Healthy relationship can look different for different people , some people feel once we get a good looking girl or handsome boy that it is a healthy relationship , some think that having intimate relationships is a healthy relationship . Healthy relationships can look different for each other and also keep couples happy at the same time. It’s ok if it looks different for everyone because one doesn't find happiness in only one thing or specific things. Some find it to dance together to keep the relationship health ,

While some others think it is necessary to communicate properly to keep the relationship alive and healthy.

Poor Communication

Poor communication is a key factor of destruction of good relationships , when you do not communicate the needs of a relationship then there is no way how another person can know what is present in your mind.

So the way healthy relationships survive is by improving on poor communication or by communicating openly which is to say they do not hide anything that can harm the relationship.

Poor communication also happens when anyone of the participants in the relationship is not ready to understand the other.

There may be many reasons for poor communication and it also happens when you do not trust the other person in the relationship. Trust is an important part of most of the relationships that stand for long term.

Posted on:June 21,2019



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